Melissa New

Melissa began her career in real estate as an independent transaction coordinator for multiple real estate companies throughout the Bay Area. This experience afforded Melissa with the first hand knowledge of what is needed to effectively communicate with all types of Realtors and their clients. Her five years of previous transaction management experience has provided her with exceptional organizational skills and problem solving abilities. Melissa has been a licensed referral Realtor for over eighteen years. Over the years she has completed various real estate courses and has always been very passionate about it.  Melissa’s attention to detail is unsurpassed. She is an excellent communicator with above average interpersonal, customer service, and follow through skills. She is well versed in with the latest Microsoft Office Products – Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint as well as the MLS, PRDS, WINForms, Instanet, Skyslope, Side App, KW Market Center and Transaction Point.

Laura MCCarty

Laura has been in the mortgage and real estate industry for over nineteen years. She has been a mortgage loan processor, residential real estate transaction coordinator and operations manager for a franchise real estate office located in San Jose. Laura uses her operations background to excel in file management and agent support. She has taken her knowledge of contracts and transactions to a new level of proficiency. Laura is very resourceful, professional, and is always up to date on current DRE regulations. She takes the time to understand every agent’s needs, expectations, goals and goes above and beyond to ensure their continued success. Laura is very computer savvy and is skilled with the latest Microsoft Office Products as well as MLS, Winforms, PRDS, Skyslope, Side App, Business Tracker Docusign Transaction Rooms,  KW Market Center, SureClose, PlanetRE and Transaction Point.