You have an awesome staff.  Your coordinators are really wonderful and have been a pleasure to work with. Melissa is amazing, and so great to work with!

~Jeni Pfeiffer at Intero Real Estate Services (Cupertino)

Thanks. You guys are awesome!!!

~Enrique Medellin at Paramount Realty

Many thanks!  Great being out of the country and knowing you are there on my behalf!

~Steve Atkinson at Bay Broker

As this short sale saga continues, I first want to say Thank You for all of your diligence as our TC in this transaction. Because of the unlimited amount of time and effort needed to stay on top of deadlines and all involved is a task in itself and I am truly appreciative of you and the job you are doing!

~Dennis Eison at Zerafim Real Estate Services

Congratulations to us all on this closing! I just wanted to thank you for your hard work on this file-I presume you work this hard on all files...You did and excellent job, and even with email, you communicate a very positive and helpful attitude. Thank you very much! You kept me sane through this transaction and I really appreciate being able to communicate with you and know that you will respond!

~Christine Fore-Pemstein at Galster Real Estate Group

Yeah, my first transaction with a great TC recommended by Susie Mize. I am in love with my TC team!!!

~Kim Kobara at Intero Real Estate Services

Thanks Melissa, your too kind! Good luck to you too! You were amazing, probably the best that I have seen. Thanks again!

~Susan LaRagione at Coldwell Banker

Thank you very much, Laura, for your work and professionalism. Your work is very detailed and complete. Intero and Darren should be proud to have you on their ends.

~Michael Tran at The Purity Group

 I just wanted you to see the Bettencourts the family on the left since they spoke very nicely of you and your work. (The Agent sent a picture to us of the clients in front of their new home after they sold their first home.)

 ~Orlando Betencor at Intero Real Estate Services(Campbell)Thank you.  

You’re always on top of things.  What would I do without you?  Make sure you have a clone ready in case you decide to take time off.

~Thomas Vo at Intero Real Estate Services (Campbell)

You're wonderful!  I hope that your agent appreciates you!!!! Thank you Laura, you're an angel!

 ~Marlys Warner at Condo to Castle Properties

Thank you for taking care of everything and for making things go so smoothly with both the sale of the home and now with the purchase of this one. Anshu and I couldn't be happier.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. Not only have you handled everything very efficiently, you have also done it with such an infectiously positive and upbeat attitude,  it removed a lot of stress at our end. Between Alex and you, we have had an absolutely amazing experience

~Our Agents Clients (Sold and purchased a new home)

Laura is a top notch transaction coordinator. She was able to let us concentrate on our business because we always knew that the paperwork was being handled in a professional manner. Thank you for all of your hard work on our behalf and behalf of our clients.

~Sereta Churchill at Dudum Real Estate GroupWe recently completed a short sale transaction.

Laura & Melissa are the epitome of professionalism. Direct and concise in their approach to details of our paperwork. Knowledgeable of the legal aspects of what we do too. I would not hesitate to use their service. Excellent!

~Doree Hyland at Mont Grove Realty

Laura has delivered superior service as a Transaction Coordinator for The Kurt Piper Group. As a 20 year veteran in residential home sales, I've worked with several other TC's and Laura is head and shoulders above them. She really gives my real estate team and I great peace of mind as we know our files will be complete. Her responsiveness is simply the best in the
business. I would recommend Laura to anyone.

-Kurt Piper at Pacific Union